CAUTXU 2000's History

CAUTXU 2000 along its history has integrated three basic technological concepts which form the basis of our activities and products.

Base technology

In chronological and technological order, we began our operations manufacturing rubber and silicon articles for the auto, applicances, and general equipment manufacturers. Our clients back then and now are the designers of their own equipments. Our collaboration started once we received the blueprints with the technical material and design specifications. With this information we started the development process and we proceeded to apply strict quality protocols to ensure the quality of the final product.

We name “base technology” to those protocols needed to guarantee both production and quality control procedures.

Wine transformation

Following the same chronological order, some years after we started the manufacturing of stopper plugs for Laboratory and Industrial use. The “base technology” at the same was insufficient as many of our customers did not have any blueprints nor standard technical specifications with respect to the closing product. They were only experts in the content and container in question but not of the closing product itself. As a result, we created a research and development department to analyze any content and container elements to determine exactly which was the best clossing product design and materials best suited for each project.

We named “closing technology” to the research and development processes needed to developed closing solutions for any project.

Simultaneous parameters

About 20 year ago we took the challenge to develop and manufacture a silicon bung specifically design for wine barrels … but there was one new element that needed the development of a third technological advance which we called “the interaction”.

The main difference with respect to previous projects was that wine was not a static element; wine has its own life and evolves in multiple dimensions.

This was the challenge and we were ready to face it. We started developing the raw material using the “base technology” that we had. We needed 100% food-graded silicon but we also wanted that the silicon was completely neutral and odorless as wine is a product to please our various senses. We had to develop a raw material that was completely passive as far as any potential distortion of the sensory analysis in the interaction of barrel-bung-wine. As a result, we based the raw material formulation on clinical silicon that could be in contact with the human body, significantly improving the quality assurances of the final product. We established carefully each one of the manufacturing parameters. We had succeeded in developing the base technology and we were in a position to certify the production process and the results.

Following the protocols of our closing technology we started to study the barrel. We soon realized of the enormous richness and complexity of barrels as opposed to, for example, a laboratory flask that tends to have its specifications repeated and non customized.
Aware of this barrel complexity, we started to develop multiple silicon bungs with numerous sizes, numerous models and styles, so that each barrel could have its own bung match customized.

Further studying the various wine-making processes at a global level, we once again realized of the complexity of wine-making and what a big variety of beautiful traditions it had.
This diversity was the driver that lead to create various bung styles that could match each wine-making process.

We had solved the challenge. We had created a third technological base that consisted in keeping alive the complex relationship between wine-bung-barrel which we ended up calling “the interaction”.

At the present time

Currently, the SILICONE BUNGS CAUTXU 2000 have achieved a worldwide recognition for being made of the highest quality, the safest and at competitive price, bringing the highest customer satisfaction to both cooperages and wineries.

Because we like to constantly challenge ourselves, we will keep taking on new future projects to find new and better ways; but we will always keep the same technological commitment on product and human team, on our dedication to quality and service; all of which we’d like to offer you.