Conical Model

Traditional bung with tapered geometry.

Traditional bung that closes the bung hole with precision.


Turn screen for a complete visualization of the table.

Ø Barrel hole Reference Ø at Bottom Ø at Top Height
  C-56x70xH70 56 mm 70 mm 70 mm
  C-59x90xH57 59 mm 90 mm 57 mm
  C-60x80xH85 60 mm 80 mm 85 mm
  C-65x75xH56 65 mm 75 mm 56 mm
  C-69x85xH40 69 mm 85 mm 40 mm
  C-70x84xH67 70 mm 84 mm 67 mm
  C-76x85xH30 76 mm 85 mm 30 mm


Available colors:
White or Brown.
Other colors, request us more info.

Other Measures and Models, request us more info.