Universal Model

Bung designed to fit a wide array of bung holes with different diameters.

The wide majority of barrel’s holes can be closed by using the Universal bung thanks to its accentuated height.


Turn screen for a complete visualization of the table.

Ø Barrel hole Reference Ø at Bottom Ø at Top Height Ø Flange
  U-PAM 45 mm 68 mm 56 mm  
  U-53x61xH68 53 mm 61 mm 68 mm  
  U-62x74xH72 62 mm 74 mm 72 mm  
foudre U-FDR 56 mm 90 mm 130 mm  


Available colors:
White or Brown.
Other colors, request us more info.

Other Measures and Models, request us more info.