CAUTXU 2000's Quality

Our aim is to make all our make all our know-how on Certified Quality available to provide quality assurance on all our products.

The interaction Wine-Bung-Barrel demands that Quality is viewed from four different angles:

  • Properties related to the Wine.
  • Properties related to the Bung.
  • Properties related to the Barrel.
  • Properties related to the Human Interaction.

Certificates related to Wine

100%25 Food-graded Silicone Certified

The values on the total migration of chemicals into the wine is below the values expressed in mg/L set by the EU norms.

A certificate is enclosed with each delivery.

Organoleptic neutrality test

The organic volatile chemicals contained in any of the silicone bungs for barrels from CAUTXU 2000 are within the EU given values.

TCA Analysis

A TCA-free certificate is issued according to chromatographic analysis obtained.

Medical neutrality

The values on chemicals migration are according to the LMS values of toxicity.
CAUTXU 2000 complies with the provision on absence of heavy metals related to human health.

Peroxide analysis

We certify the absence of any free oxidative radical peroxide related to human health.

Chemical and microbiological neutrality

We certify that the silicone bungs are protected from illicit acts during its production and storage.

Certificates related to the Bung CAUTXU 2000

Food-graded formula

We certify that the formula used for the bungs’ production process is in agreement with the EU and FDA norms.

Patent on traceability

We certify the full traceability of all bungs using the lot number used for each order.

The short-term traceability is displayed on the labels, bill of ladings and certificates that are enclosed with each order.

The long-term traceability is guaranteed by the record-keeping of all certificates corresponding to each lot and for each order during a minimum of 5 years.

Further visual control on traceability can be requested and added to each individual bung.

Certificates related to the Barrel

Sealing capacity

The great variety of sizes and designs allow us to ensure sealing capacity.

Elasticity and hardness

The level of elasticity and hardness of the silicone used ensures the fitting of each bung to the barrel bung hole.

Additional Specifications

We certify the parameters ASTM, DIN, etc. according to the barrel interaction requirements.

Properties realted to the Interaction

Our human team participates continuously to analyze the interacting elements of Wine-Bung-Barrel as we have attested that “ the content of the barrel without a good silicone bung, can be spoiled, diminished, and even got ruined.”  be spoiled, changed and even lost over time.

Out team brings to you our knowledge and degrees in:

  • Biotechnology and Microbiology in Enology.
  • Chemistry Engineering and Mechanic Engineering.